Sewing Centers for Fair Trade Artisans

Education And More is trying to raise money for sewing centers for 2 of the artisan groups that we work with in the western highlands of Guatemala.  We have worked with these groups for several years and they are both in need of  sewing machines, sewing lessons, tables, and supplies in order to increase their income with sewn items.

Artesana's T'zaput

‘Sewing machines and learning to sew has been a dream for us!’–  one of the artisans told me recently.

Children of Fair Trade Artisans

The economic benefit of learning to sew and then having sewing machines will make a huge difference to the income they are able to generate for their families.

Backstrap Weaver from Artesanas Red de Mujeres Juaneras

Backstrap Weaver from Artesanas Red de Mujeres Juaneras

We have donated a sewing machine to each group in the past,  but they need more machines and they need sewing instruction for advanced sewing of purses, totes, messenger bags, backpacks, curtains, and clothing and other more detailed projects.

Please help us in our fund raising for our artisan groups! Donate Today!


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2 Responses to “Sewing Centers for Fair Trade Artisans”

  1. Jenny Heard Says:

    How much will it cost to launch some sewing centers? It’s a wonderful idea.

  2. educationandmore Says:

    We are trying to raise enough to purchase at least 5 new sewing machines for each group plus sewing tables and chairs and then sufficient sewing instruction classes for them to become proficient in sewing. In addition we will need to raise money for all the sewing supplies such as thread, scissors, extra bobbins and all other supplies necessary. Because the one group is quite a distance from the nearest town it will cost more for delivery of machines and also more travel for the sewing instructor. We are trying to raise $5000 – $8000 total for the sewing centers. Thanks for your interest!

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