Daily Life for Fair Trade Artisans in Rural Guatemala

Daily life is quite different in rural Guatemala than in the U.S. where I live.  The women work extremely hard every day because they don’t  have the mechanized help that most of us have in the U.S.

Wash Day!

Washing clothes in Lake Atitlan

Washing clothes on a rock or at the shores of the lake or on the scrub board of a pila.

Making tortillas over a wood burning stove 3 times a day.

Cook, then grind, then hand make tortillas each day for 3 meals a day.

Walk the children to school. One of the women’s groups we work with has nearly 2 miles to walk to get them to school each day and then pick them up later.

Cook over a wood stove or a campfire type pit stove.

Going to Market

If you want to eat chicken then you need to decide if you want to reduce your small flock by one bird

or walk to the market and buy a couple of chicken legs or wings if you have the money. Usually the family eats chicken or meat only once a month.

Walk nearly everywhere.

Pray that the corn crop or coffee crop is good this year so that you can feed your family and have a little money for other necessities of your family.

Coffee Trees and the coffee cherries ready to pick

Corn drying and nearly ready for storage.

I don’t think our friends in Guatemala have any trouble sleeping at night or any need for an aerobics class!


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