Fair Trade Artisans Receive Sewing Machine

Artesanas T’zaput were thrilled to receive a new Janome sewing machine along with sewing supplies, an iron and table top iron pads, new book on learning to sew and lessons in basic sewing.

Fair Trade artisans receive sewing machine

This has been a dream of their for many years and now the dream is taking shape as they learn to sew.  We are looking for grant monies to help us to help them with more sewing machines, a skilled sewing teacher and other equipment needed for a sewing center.

Artesanas T'zaput

In front of the workroom for the artisans

Carrying her baby in the shawl

Finishing a weaving with the fringe ends.

We are so pleased to help this group with new skills to expand their weaving business.  The families in this little community are farmers and subsist on crops they grow for themselves and to sell at a local market but it leaves very little money to provide extras such as schooling or medical care or clothing or the many other things a family needs.  Our work with this group has enabled them to expand and learn new weaving techniques and many new skills with handcrafts and with their business.  We are also in the process of teaching them to use the internet and email in the internet cafes in the city.


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