Artesanas Ixkoq’a and Weaving on a Backstrap Loom

We went up the mountain to visit with the group, Artesanas Ixkoq’a and review our order with them for the next shipment. They are absolutely fabulous backstrap weavers!

Fair Trade Artisan Group - Mujeres Ixkoq'a

Handwoven on a backstrap loom by Ixkoq'a Mayan women

On our weaving tour in May they will be giving a demonstration on how they hand dye cotton thread to make the traditional Ikat / Jaspe designed yarn that is so prevalent in Mayan textiles.  For more information on the tour see our webpage.

Colorful Ikat / Jaspe in a handwoven table runner

We have been working with this group for several years and have had a great relationship with them.  They love the fact that they receive Fair Trade wages for every hour they work on our designs because it gives them more money for their families and especially to help educate their children.

Beautiful blues and purple weaving

Heavily embroidered and backstrap woven


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