Crossing Lake Atitlan And Another Artisan Group

I was so glad today that there was very little wind when we finally crossed the lake to spend time with our group Artesanas Mujeres Juaneras. January is the windiest month of the year it seems to me and we have had a lot of wind since we have been here in Guatemala,  but today was just picture perfect.

These are the launchas that are used to transport locals and tourists to the various villages around the lake.

We are reviewing the group’s January order and seeing a lot of new designs that they are weaving. Because their weavings, purses, shawls, neck scarves and other items are selling so well, they have invited 5 women to join them in their association.

Warping for a new weaving with a 'urdidor'

Paulina, Maria, Melchora, Cecelia, and Rosa are the new ladies and each brings new skills and designs to the group. These ladies were asked to join not only because of the economic hardships they are experiencing within their families but also for their skill as weavers, embroiderers, or sewers.

The new ladies will help teach weaving classes to the members of the Education And More Weaving Tour in May.

You can read more about the Artesanas Mujeres Juaneras on the artisan group webpage on our site.


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