Backstrap Loom Weaving Lessons in Guatemala

I am taking a few lessons in backstrap weaving from a friend because I find the process so intriguing and also it will help me understand the weaving process better and the work involved in weaving that our artisans do on their looms.

Backstrap Weaving Class

Weaving Classes in Guatemala

It is so surprising that just a bunch of sticks – palitos- can have yarn wound around them and yarn worked thru them and the weaver can come up with a beautiful textile. The backstrap loom is an ancient weaving loom that has been used for centuries around the world.

Backstrap Weaving Loom

Backstrap Weaving Loom

If you are interested in learning how to weave or just to experience Guatemala as more than a tourist, be sure to check out our weaving tour to Guatemala which includes weaving lessons on a loom that you can take home with you.

Learning backstrap weaving
classes in weaving with artisan group
Learning to weave
Learning to weave

Dominga is a wonderful and patient teacher and does really exquisite backstrap weavings! I am just really slow!

Purchase backstrap looms in our online store.    Buy a backstrap weaving loom handcrafted by Guatemalan artisans!

Education And More — helping artisans in Guatemala earn a fair wage for their work!


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2 Responses to “Backstrap Loom Weaving Lessons in Guatemala”

  1. Debra Presley Says:

    I realize this site is designed to help the Guatemalan people. But I was wondering if I could get directions to learn how to weave using their simple tools. I don’t want to take anything away from these people so i understand if you don’t or can’t. If I could I’d help but as I struggle financially to bring up my grandson and it’s difficult for me to know how to help. But personally i enjoy craft. I have been given a simple loom I just have to piece it together. and i’m trying to learn how to work it. Then I came upon your post for a warping board (sadly no dimensions) I was curious about the process. Sadly I don’t know anything about weaving but am very interested. It is part of my Australian indigenous culture. My knowledge of traditional culture has sadly been mostly lost. My family survived several massacres one in particular has been documented in Australian history as being very severe. That is -Kamilaroy Nation – North east of New South Wales and South East of Queensland) I also am a descendant of the Jiman and Bidjara clans from South East Queensland- Kanarvon George way. My grandparents were removed from traditional lands and put on Perga andTaroom Aboriginal Reserves – Sth West Queensland) That I think is how my grandparents met) My grandmother never really recovered and was too afraid to tell us anything. Apparently, she experienced deprivation of water and food if language was spoken or culture was spoken about. So I’m afraid I know so little. I’m trying to piece things together with my newly received computer I read alot and to learn as much as possible. Anyway I hope very much to hear from you. It’s very good that young boy learns another language do they have access to books?

    • educationandmore Says:

      Hi again,
      I think it is great all that you are doing! I would love to come to Australia one day but am so busy going to Guatemala that I probably will never have time. I love to take lessons in weaving when I am down here in Guatemala especially from the Mayan weavers because they are so skilled at weaving. When I am home and forget or want more info I turn to the internet and do Google searches or go to Weaving Today website. Please check out our weaving videos on YouTube and also search on YouTube because there might be information on how to make a warping board.

      Many of the students here in Guatemala try to learn English because it is really important for them when they are adults and looking for a job. It is taught a little in school so that helps. We have a sponsorship program to help children and young adults go to school and it is in conjunction with a church so they receive a public education as well as a Christian education. Thank you for contacting us and good luck with your weaving.

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