Helping Artisans Earn

Today was finally a more relaxing day but also was the day we went to purchase supplies that our groups needed for their new orders. It is really difficult for two of the groups to obtain everything they need for projects so we help out and purchase the items for them in the larger cities and transport them to the artisan groups. None of the women or their families have cars and must rely on the public transportation of a chicken bus to get from village to village or to the cities.

We provide all the supplies and materials needed by the groups for our orders or give them the money in advance so they can purchase the supplies and then when they have finished the work on the orders we pay them their wages. This helps the groups because they do not have the funds available and we also feel it is better that we pay in advance for the product materials.

This past year has been extremely hard on all the groups because of the world economic situation and lack of tourists so we are increasing our orders to help them and with the help of our volunteers we are designing new products that we hope people around the world will purchase. We pay the artisans a wage that is above the Fair Trade wage for Guatemala so that the women and their families receive even more help with each hour they work.

Lots of yarn to choose!



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