New Sewing Skills For Fair Trade Artisans

Angelica began her sewing lessons today and is a rapid learner!  Education And More will pay her for taking the lessons and then teaching other women the basics of sewing — care of the machine, simple sewing and hemming, etc.

She had never used an electric sewing machine or even a treadle sewing machine, which is more common in the rural areas because of the problem with no or little electricity in their homes. Having never used a sewing machine, she started with the basics and learned how to care for the machine, how all the different functions worked and then practiced sewing straight lines and seams then went on to hems for simple napkins.

It will take some practice for her to get accustomed to the machine and to master the quality of sewing  that we need, but she is such a fast learner we feel she will be ready to start  sewing for us in a few months.

She also had to learn how to use a steam iron – no women in her group own one and she hadn’t used one before – so it has been a day of learning for Angelica!

The sewing skills that this artisan group are learning will really benefit them in earning more  for their families.


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