New Skills for Weavers — Sewing Classes

Today was a full day with visits again with the Sponsorship Director and a review of the 2011 program and also taking a van to a remote community to spend time with our group, Artesanas T’zaput.

Kakchiquel weavers

This group is needing more of our help and we will be initiating sewing classes with them which will give them more skills to be able to offer a more diverse line of handcrafts. Angelica, the young lady who will learn to sew first will then teach 2 others in the group, then after they have all learned basic sewing skills, they will take advanced sewing classes to help them even more. The basic sewing classes will include care and use of an electric sewing machine, cutting out basic items like napkins and towels, hemming napkins, care and use of an iron, how to use patterns and how to use basic sewing supplies.

Angelica is 20 years old and is attending school this year for her final year in diversificado which is similar to Career /High School but only last 2 or 3 years depending on your studies. She would really like to be able to attend the University but her parents are unable to afford it so by teaching her to sew she will acquire skills to be able to earn money to go on to school. Education And More will pay her to come out of her community to the city to learn how to sew and then also pay her to teach others in the artisan group and as her skills increase she will do more work with us as well as sewing to earn money for her education. She has done translating for us the past 2 years whenever we needed instructions translated into Kakchiquel, her native Mayan language. All the women in the group speak Kakchiquel with only a few of them speaking Spanish, so it is vital to have links like Angelica to help us.


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