Your Favorite Purse Color

I recently posted a question on our Facebook Page

What is your favorite color of purse? We are heading to Guatemala soon to work with the artisans on orders that will be shipped next spring and will be ordering more purses in several styles but we would like to have your comments as to what color is your favorite? or is it a multi color stripe?

We’ve received lots of comments and the many colors spanned the rainbow —

purple, burgandy, multi color stripes, stripes with purple majority, blues, blues and purple stripes, red, yellow, orange, multi color with quetzal birds on the purse, blues and pinks, greens, the color of earth, black with silver, and from one friend– BRIGHT colors … oranges, reds, sunshine yellow … all on the same bag!

The most popular was the multi color purse which you will be happy to know is a colorway that is being woven right now for a shipment the end of January.  We should have the new multi color purses the middle  of February. But check with us in the spring  because we will probably have more multi color styles and definately some blues and purples in that shipment!

Mary Ann, a Facebook friend,  won the random drawing!  She will receive this cute little mouse coin purse that has fabric that was handwoven on a backstrap loom and then fashioned into this little mouse.  Thanks everyone for giving us your ideas!


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