Educational Weaving Tour to Guatemala

Join our tour to Guatemala to meet the women artisans that make beautiful crafts and
weavings, learn backstrap weaving on a loom you will take home with you, spend time really
making a connection and learning about the daily lives of women from this beautiful country!

Learning Backstrap Loom Weaving

Learn the ancient art of backstrap weaving.

Meet and get to know Mayan women artisans.

Do more than just visit or vacation in Guatemala.

Learn how Fair Trade practices make a tremendous

difference in the lives of artisans.

Learn more about the work of Education And More.

Beautiful Lake Atitlan

women artisans doing backstrap weaving

Fair Trade artisan working on a backstrap loom

April 30 – May 8, 2011

For more information see our website!

Space is limited for this tour!

Other opportunities include:

*visit villages and homes of Mayan artisans

*learn about their daily lives

*worship in local churches

*learn how to make tortillas by hand

*hear and maybe learn a little of the Mayan languages of T’zutujil and Kakchiquel

*see beautiful Lake Atitlan

Fair Trader Artisan Group


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