Wow! What a bargain I got!

We all love a bargain — I know I do and most of my friends do too.  Often times we buy something even when we really don’t need it —-because it is just such a bargain!!

When on vacation in a developing country we often feel that the people selling handcrafts want us to haggle with them over the price and we feel justified in offering our bottom dollar.

women artisans doing backstrap weaving

Fair Trade artisan working on a backstrap loom

Try to figure out for yourself  an approximation of the hours it took to produce the weaving or the handcraft and determine what a fair wage is per hour– a fair wage in the context of wages in the local area.  Then decide if you really want to haggle and ask the artisan to reduce their price based on the number of labor hours and the asking price.

Hand made baskets

When we purchase from the actual crafts person that made the gift  rather than from a market where a middleman is selling the handcraft then the artisan receives much more of the profits.

Our artisans receive a fair wage & many other benefits!

Let’s all stop and think and remember –the reason for such a low price is that the producer or maker of the product is receiving a low wage.  Perhaps paying another few dollars won’t hurt us as much as it will hurt the artisan who made it.


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