DIY — making gifts to give

Stunning reds and browns in this fabulous fabric that was hand loomed on a foot pedal loom by impoverished women in Guatemala. 1 yard length. 36″ wide. 100% cotton. A nice heavy cotton for you to make purses, napkins, placemats, tablecloths, etc. This is not a thin cotton for a blouse but is a really heavy weight for great placemats, purses, etc.!  The perfect fabric for touches of color at your next ‘south of the border’ party!

What could be more wonderful than making a purse or shopping bag to give to that special friend made out of hand woven fabric — handwoven by impoverished women trying to earn a living to support their families!

Beautiful blue and white fabric — can’t you see this made into a fantastic tablecloth to use at your next pool party!   1 yard length. 37″ wide. 100% cotton.  Also a nice heavyweight cotton fabric.

And did you know——–

No sweatshop labor,  no machines used in production, eco-friendly handweaving process, mothers working at home, cultural art preserved!

If you want more than one yard please email before purchase to verify we have the yardage that you want in one length.  $19.99 per yard.

Check out the fabric at our website!


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