Pink Blouse Ladies

They are not the Red Hat Ladies—

but one of our Fair Trade artisan groups now has the nickname

“Pink Blouse Ladies.”

Fair Trade Artisan Backstrap Weaver

Fair Trade Artisan Backstrap Weaver

Recently this group received a donation, from one of our volunteers, of lots of yards of a beautiful silky pink fabric that was perfect for blouses and they all decided there was enough fabric to make a blouse for each woman in the group.

This type of blouse is called a huipil and is similar in style to traditional huipils but they are much cooler in the heat of the day than the heavy cotton huipils that are woven on backstrap looms. In addition, it is much cheaper to buy or make a huipil of this fabric than buy sufficient yarn to make a traditional one.

Typically these newer versions are made out of a silky fabric so when the group saw the donation of yards and yards of this pink silky material the first thing they thought of was new blouses!

Fair Trade Artisan Backstrap Weaver

Pink Blouse Ladies

Many wore their new blouses recently on a shopping trip get-together and even though they didn’t stand out as much as Red Hat Ladies of the States they were a beautiful group of ladies! This shopping trip was a special treat — a yarn buying trip— hosted by Education And More.

Shopping trip for artisans

Shopping trip for artisans

Thanks to our supporters when they give all the ‘extras’ to our artisans!


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One Response to “Pink Blouse Ladies”

  1. Freida Whiddon Cox Says:

    Good story Karen, the women sure look nice in their pretty blouses. I have always heard of the Red Hat Club, thought I would look good in a red hat. Ha Ha!

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