Snapshot of Rural Highland Community

You can’t really call it a village; there are just a couple of small stores with only the daily food basics available, but it is a wonderful community of people helping each other, living in a cluster of  houses surrounded by corn fields.

Corn grows everywhere with  frijole/beans and squash inter-planted to make every available use of all the land.  Near the houses grows small plots of vegetables: brocolli, cauliflower, beets, celery, carrots, herbs plus a few  fruit trees.  The men work the fields and all the food grown is used by the families throughout the year to sustain the families with very little being sold. The community public school is over a mile away and mothers often walk the children, especially the younger ones, to school each day.  In this community the roads are not paved, there are no sidewalks only dirt paths among the corn to connect the houses.

Fair Trade Artisan Group

Mujeres Artesanas T'Zaput

Goin' Visiting!

Many houses are dirt floored and consist of 1 or 2 rooms and mothers often cook over a pit in the floor similar to a campfire.

Most homes have electricity and thanks to a nonprofit  organization, a few years ago spring water was piped from higher up the mountain down to the houses— cold water only, but good water.  Families use cold water to wash up in the mornings because it takes too much firewood to heat water.

Most outhouses/latrines  are crude and often nothing more than a hole with corn stalks or an old tarp around it for privacy.  Education And More is planning to start a project to build new latrines for the improvement of health and sanitation of the families in this artisan group.

The lush green picturesque countryside contradicts the poverty around every corner, but some of the most loving and generous women raise above the poverty and form friendships with us!



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