Beautiful Spring Neck Scarves

We  received these gorgeous neck scarves a few weeks ago and our customers are really loving them! Fair Trade Artisan crafted neck scarf lemon lime green

The artisan group, Artesana’s T’zaput,  is a wonderful  group of 17 women who work very hard with their weaving to help earn money for their families.  All the women share in all the work of our orders and then share the money received for their work.  They earn a Fair Trade wage for all hours they work on our orders and it enables them to help feed their families and send their children to school.

Fair Trade Artisan Group Artesana's T'zaput

Fair Trade Artisan Group Artesana's T'zaput

Fair Trade artisan crafted neck scarf brown

Our most beautiful and popular neckscarf!  Soft and airy — perfect for spring and summer!

18 inches x 68″ —-100% cotton.

Choose from these colors: medium brown, lemon/lime green ,

deep marine blue, deep purple, maroon red

They are available on our website at Education And More.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of women artisans

with your interest in our handcrafts!

Artesana T'zaput weaver

Artesana T'zaput weaver


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