Fair Trade Handwoven Dog Collars & Leashes

We have been working with the women of our artisan group, Artesanas Ixkoq’a’, to design dog collars and leashes and finally have them ready and for sale.

The women hand weave the leashes and collars on small hand looms and it is incredible to watch the weaving.

Artisan handcrafted Fair Trade dog collar - Mayan Ikat Blue

The Mayan Ikat weaving design is very popular and the women have created collars using this design in both green and blue.

Fair Trade, Eco friendly dog collar in Mayan Ikat weaving design

Now for team colors!  We have purple and white collars and red and blue collars!  What is your team colors?  We will have more colors available in the spring!

Fair Trade artisan crafted dog collar -- deep purple and white

Purple and white eco friendly, fair trade dog collar

Artisan crafted Mayan Ikat weaving design dog collar

All collars and leashes are woven of 100% cotton yarns.

Fair Trade

Eco friendly

Sweat shop free

No child labor


What could be better for your pet!

Check out our website for more info, pics and ordering!

Education And More Dog Collars and Leashes


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