New Tienda To Be Built

One of our artisan groups recently received an interest free loan from us to build a new store in order to better display and sell their handcrafts.  Education And More believes a micro-credit loan is an incredible blessing for the artisan group especially since we gave it on an interest free basis. The amount of repayment each month was determined at a meeting of the group and is an amount that is small enough to not be a burden on the group.

Micro-credit, interest free loan for Artisan Group

Signing papers to receive micro-credit loan

Artisan Weaver

Artisan Weaver

The women need this little store to have an ongoing presence with their weavings and handcrafts to the tourists in their village, however, it won’t be built until January after coffee harvest.  Coffee harvest time is during November and December and during coffee harvest the entire family goes to the mountains to pick coffee returning to their homes only on Sundays to go to church and to rest.

Coffee that is ready to be picked

Coffee that is ready to be picked

Children are on summer vacation from school during November and December so they too pick coffee.  With the whole family working it gives much needed extra income for the family for the upcoming year.

So the store will be built in January after coffee harvest winds down and they have time to build.

We wish them much success with their new store and will have an update in January.


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