Simply Just — Tips for Living Justly With The World

Education And More is committed to giving impoverished artisans a fair daily wage so they can earn enough to care for their families and live in dignity with hope for the future.  In addition to caring for our neighbor, Education And More is committed to doing our part in caring for the earth by being conscious of our actions in the office and at home.

Here are some tips for becoming conscious of your own actions–

Living Justly with our world–

  • learn how to garden and grow some of your food
  • purchase vegetables from your local farmer’s markets to reduce the amount of travel involved in getting produce to you
  • donate your old computers to a nonprofit organization that needs them
  • spend a few minutes a day reading about ways to care for the earth with responsible purchases
  • purchase items that are made of recycled or partially recycled materials
  • before buying another item consciously decide whether you need it or just want it and how the purchase affects our world
  • do you recycle everything possible?
  • do you think of re-using instead of throwing away?


Living Justly with your neighbor–

  • search out Fair Trade items to help your neighbor earn a fair wage
  • share extra garden produce with homeless shelters or soup kitchens
  • before throwing away unused items decide if they could be used by others and  take them to the Rescue Mission, Salvation Army or thrift store.
  • get involved in helping the impoverished around the world as well as in your own neighborhood.
  • when you see injustices do you speak up or take action to help correct the problem?

What does it mean to you to live justly?


“Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4

Receiving new shoes


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