A One Week Challenge

I have a challenge for everyone— save all your trash for one week to see how much goes into the landfill.  Don’t go to a lot of work to do it- but just set 1 or 2 boxes in the kitchen or back porch area and save the different items that you would normally throw away.

This week I was quite surprised how the little things have added up that I normally throw away.  I thought I recycled a lot with cans, bottles, plastic, and newspapers, cardboard — but what about all the other items that I think are not worth the extra bother.

I work at home and have office paper that I sorted out to recycle this week.  You know that paper that is extra printed pages that you don’t really need.

Another item I was surprised about was all the plastic bags— not the grocery plastic bags that you get a zillion of if you have forgotten your cloth bags — but the bags that the produce comes in, the bread comes in, the newspaper comes in etc.  I reuse many of my plastic bags and wash them and reuse again but they eventually need throw away.  Why not put them in with the recyclables.  Walmart has bins inside their stores to collect plastic bags.

How much more can you recycle during one week than what you normally do.  Our county has recycling bins in various locations around the city and will accept newspaper, mixed office paper, steel, aluminum, glass, corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, brown paper bags and old magazines.

Check out some websites on your county recycling procedures  and learn more about recycling in your area-  then see how much more can be recycled.

Did you know that about 50 million pounds of toothbrushes end up in the landfills every year??



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