What’s Your Favorite Artisan Handcraft?

We love working with the Women’s Artisan groups in developing new handcrafts and jewelry!  They are really creative and talented!  We have several new handcrafts that we will be premiering this fall and are looking forward to more new handcraft items and designs for early next year.

It can take 6 – 18 months for us to get new designs and ideas into production with our artisan groups.  The many steps include:  approval of new handcraft idea,  final design work, sample made by artisan group,  sample approved or sent back for reworking,  production begins, shipment to the U.S.

So, we are always looking for input into our variety of  handcrafts and today we would like to ask a favor.   We are giving away a handcrafted necklace in a drawing among all who answer this question:

Which of our handcrafts is your favorite and why?

Our Artisan Groups handcrafts are featured on our website at:

Education And More

and also at:   World of Good

So look over our handcrafts and answer the question above then post your comment here and you will be eligible to win a free artisan handcrafted necklace shown below.


If you prefer to email your ideas and comments please send to:


We look forward to hearing from you!  Drawing will be in July!


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