Fair Trade and Eco Friendly Handcrafts

News Flash!

We have listed our artisan handcrafts on the World of Good website recently and hope you will help us spread the word about this great site and in particular about our handcrafts.   World of Good is a site that brings many eco-friendly and people positive  companies and organizations  together in one place for shoppers to find products that align with their values.  For more information about World of Good check here.

Our webpage on World of Good is here:   Education And More

Be sure to click the “See All” under the ‘Items For Sale’ because we have over 150 items listed on the site.

small purse bag

Our handcrafts are all produced in an eco-friendly way under Fair Trade guidelines so there are benefits not only to people but also to the environment when you purchase the handcrafted items.

Bible Cover

We have many new items listed on World of Good but you can always go to our main website and purchase items also.

Thanks for any help in spreading the word about our handcrafts on World of Good!


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3 Responses to “Fair Trade and Eco Friendly Handcrafts”

  1. romina Says:

    Hi, my name is Romina Odone, I live in Chile and I work with artigiands in my country. The products are made by Clay, wool, wood, and others natural elements. During my professional experience I’ve realized the big opportunity we have in the development of rural world, that’s why I decided to work wih artigians in the development and commercialization of their products. I’m trying to find international partners, Chile is a little market then we are limited in terms of growing. I saw your store in internet , it’s really interesting, and I think our products match with your store. Let me know if you would like to see a catalog of our products, I can send you via e mail
    best regards and thanks

  2. romina Says:

    Ok, many thanks, I’ll be waiting for your e mail, best regards

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