Kicking The Habit

How hard is it to remember to take reusable bags into each store?  Apparently it is for me!  It is so exasperating to get to the check out counter and realize you have bags in the car!

I have been known to run out to the car and make the checker wait but that was at a small health food store and my car was at the front door.

I have now changed my routine when getting into the car.  Instead of just tossing the shopping bags into the back seat I put them on top of my purse or under my purse so that I can’t miss them when I  get out of the car.  This has made a difference and sure has helped me to remember the bags!  If I don’t use all the bags during that trip I leave them in the car in my seat so that I must move them to get into the car next time.

If you need some new sturdy totes check out the ones we have made in Guatemala by our artisan group, Asociacion Red de Mujeres Juaneras T’zutujiles.  They are made of  material that is actually fabric that the Mayan women use to make their skirts (called a corte). Copy of San Juan 073 The fabric  is beautiful and sturdy and we have available 3 different color patterns.LV352

Comment and tell me ways that help you remember to take them into the store with you!

Does anyone know how many plastic shopping bags we could save in the U.S. every year if we all used reusable totes???????


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