How does Fair Trade help Andres?

Andres is the son of one of our artisans and is able to attend school in part because of the Fair Trade wages his mother receives from Education And More. The last time I visited with Andres he was so excited to be able to continue his education beyond Junior High School .  He wants to be an architect and I am sure with his determination he will keep trying until he makes it.  Another artisan’s son, Daniel, is studying to be an accountant.  He finally found a job quite a distance from home and then takes classes on Saturday in order to be able to continue  in school.m17

Fair Trade gives benefits all around– to the artisan, to their family, to the community.  It helps the artisans with their businesses, it helps them feed and educate their children and it helps because more money comes into the communities.   Education And More guarantees its commitment to Fair Trade principals!  Copy of DSC00901

I need to remember to ask myself if I am so used to the status quo that I don’t even remember or think about who makes our products?  or what the labor conditions are for those workers?

Jeremiah 22:13  Who uses his neighbors services without wages and gives him nothing for his work………..

There are many more students needing our help — how can you help??

2 girls TLR



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