Ajbatz’ Bal’ Women Artesan Group

Today I met with Ana, the president of the group Ajbatz’ Bal’.  They not only do beautifrul backstrap weaving but make purses, totes, messenger bags, etc with the fabric they weave.  They are excellent seamstresses!Copy of DSC02513

Ana told me that without the Fair Trade wages they receive from Education And More many in the group would be unable to send their children to school.  Ana has two older children who are trying to complete an education for a career and it is difficult.  Many of the women in the group are single mothers and struggle to provide food for their kids.

Education And More delivered a donated sewing machine to the group as a surprise and they were truly surprised!  Copy of ajbatz bal

They are in the process of opening a new little store — actually the front room of one of the women in the group and hopefully it will give them more sales because it is on a main street.  Ana’s son is quite an artist and he took a slab of wood from an avocado tree to design a sign with their logo for the new store.Copy of ajbatz bal 004We look forward to working with Ana and the group for a long time to come!


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