Daily Life Around Lake Atitlan

Making tortillas is a daily occurrence in the villages around Lake Atitlan and most women make them for breakfast lunch and dinner. These young girls are learning early how to make them. Their tortillas were rather lopsided and small but they are learning.copy-of-ajbatz-bal-005

This mother and her boys on the shores of the Lake were catching small shellfish, similar to an elongated snail. The boys told me their mother makes a delicious soup with them.copy-of-students-003


It is mango season in Guatemala and they are delicious and huge! One man just stopped his truck beside the curb and began selling his mangos in Panajachel.copy-of-students-001


When I arrived at the hotel in San Juan La Laguna, the owner was gone and no one on duty — but not to worry in a small village! A young lady across the street asked me if I would like to put my suitcases in her paint studio -store until he returned. Well 4 hours later he had not arrived so she went out in the pouring rain and went to get his wife to open up a room for me! I got my room and made a really nice new friend. So if you are in San Juan La Laguna look for Gloria and her paintings across from the hotel Estrella del Lago!copy-of-students-022

This is the beginning of the rainy season and it seems that it has rained every day since I got here. Yards and streets are standing with water!


Daily life around Lake Atitlan…………


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