How Your Fair Trade Purchases Help

With every purchase of our Fair Trade handcrafts the artisan receives help to support their family.!  Because of the amount of handcraft sales this past year,  we gave grants of $250 to our 4 artisan groups to help them expand and grow their business.  They all filled out an application and had to explain in the application how the money would be used if they were selected.Mujeres Analizadoras

One of our groups is Asociacion Mujeres Artesanas Ixkoqa Tzolojya Analizadoras, located near Solola, Guatemala.  There are 26 women in this artisan group; most are single mothers with 35 children among them.   They are a democratically run association and elect a president every two years with all decisions made democratically amoung the entire group.distributing new supplies

When asked what type of help they would like to receive from Education And More their answer was:

  • more product orders
  • help with purchasing school supplies for their children
  • grant money for materials and technical training
  • equipment for the association
  • a roof for the building

weaving yarn and suppliesWith this grant they received this year they purchased much needed yarn and materials for their handcrafts. These are photos I have just received from them showing some of the new product they were able to purchase.Artisans of Guatemala

So, thanks to all your purchases of their Fair Trade handcrafts this artisan association is growing!yarn

women artisans

artisan weaver


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