La Asociacion Ixkoq’a’ — Women’s Artesan Group

Today was our meeting with the president, Julia, from the Associacion Ixkoq’a’ near  Solola, Guatemala.  This is a well organized association that works so well together for the benefit of all 27 women in the association.  They make our beautiful jewelry and baskets but also do weaving on foot pedal looms and backstrap looms.  We have several new products they are working on with us to be ready by the end of the year or hopefully  sooner.


Because of our commitment to follow Fair Trade guidelines this group has benefited with a fair wage in all their work for us — actually a non-poverty wage is paid per hour for all their work.  In addition we have helped the group with tools, sewing supplies and a grant that has helped to develop their group even more. They proudly showed me the new desk they acquired.


Most of the women in this group are single mothers so it is a great blessing for their families as they try to raise their children themselves.


All your purchases of jewelry and baskets helps these women and children!

Thank you!


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2 Responses to “La Asociacion Ixkoq’a’ — Women’s Artesan Group”

  1. Caroline de Kock Says:

    Please confirm if you are able to supply fairly traded hammocks. Please advise of price, quantities available and delivery times and prices to Kerikeri, New Zealand.

    Thank you
    Caroline de Kock
    On behalf of Equity Enterprises

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