Chicken Bus Rides in the Mountains

Yesterday I visited another of our women’s artisan groups and it always takes two chicken bus rides to get to the drop off point of their little village.  I took a few photos of the USA school buses that are turned into buses for public transportation.


Locally known as ‘chicken buses’ I am not for sure if it is because many of the locals take baskets of chickens to market in them or because of the crazy driving of the bus drivers on the roads!


This is the mode of travel for most of the locals because it costs only about 25 cents to ride.  I worry about safety– the brakes giving out, head on collisions around mountain corners — but then I only ride them a few times while I am in Guatemala and the locals use them all the time.  May God watch over them!


A thought did come to mind on one of these trips that I wonder if it is more dangerous on these busses or in a little compact car on a Los Angeles freeway??



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2 Responses to “Chicken Bus Rides in the Mountains”

  1. guateliving Says:

    Most locals I know don’t refer to them as chicken buses, I believe that’s only among the expat and tourist community. The name comes from market days (Mon, Thurs & Sat), when people buy live chickens at the mercado and then take them home with them, on the bus. It makes for quite an experience.

    • educationandmore Says:

      Yes, a lot of locals don’t refer to them as a chicken bus but several of my friends who are locals do and I asked them one time if there is a problem referring to the bus with that name and they said no. They are, as you said, quite an experience! Not my choice of a ride for long distance but from Pana to Solola it is quite fun. Last week I was so jammed in there was not any chance of me falling out of my seat into the aisle— no room between me and the person across the aisle.

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