Guatemalan Artisans Thankful for Fair Trade

I am in Guatemala visiting our artisans and working with them on new designs and products plus reviewing orders we had placed in January.

Today I met with the President and several members of the Mujeres Artesanas T’zaput in a little village near Solola, Guatemala.copy-of-april29-021

We had a lot of school supplies which had been donated and was able to give each artensan a bag with school supplies to help them out in educating their children.  Even these few supplies was thrilling to them to receive for their children!copy-of-april29-009

A volunteer for Education And More in Chicago had donated 17 soccer balls and I brought them with me to also give to the artisans– one for each family.  We also brought a bicycle type pump to re-inflate them and Vicenta’s husband was thrilled to have the pump to keep.  It can be used throughout the association because they are unable to afford a car and many ride bicycles.copy-of-april29-013

The soccer balls were a hit with the children who were with us that day!

After the meeting they went to the little store to buy us some ‘agua pura’ for our 45 minute trip back along the mountain roads to Panajachel.copy-of-april29-014

This village is a remote village and from the main highway it is about 20 minute drive along dusty dirt roads hugging the mountainside.  Rainy season is due to start any day and then the dusty roads will be muddy and a more slip sliding path.copy-of-april29-023



Mujeres Artesanas Tzaput are truly thankful to receive a Fair Wage for their work!  They weave beautiful fabric for us on backstrap looms and on foot pedal looms and typically don’t have a market in order to sell much of their fabric. We are thankful God lead us to this group of women!  We will have more new handcrafts and artisan products out later this summer.

A day full of blessings from God— seeing friends, able to help people in need, safety in travel, truly Christian connections in  another part of the world!


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