6 Popular Green Gifts

We highlight this week  a list of our popular green gifts.

6.  Handmade basket — These baskets have proved to be really popular because they are so useful for so many purposes.  We will have more styles available later this summer.  Hand-made from natural reeds – they are not only a ‘green’ gift  but a Fair Trade item when purchased from Education And More.

Baskets from El Tablon

Baskets from El Tablon

5.  Handwoven cotton napkins— Cotton napkins are such a luxurious gift to yourself and once you begin to use these instead of paper napkins you won’t want to go back. I don’t wash them after every meal – just every few days so they do not add to your laundry pile a lot! Handwoven on backstrap looms of cotton yarns.

Woven on a backstrap loom!

Woven on a backstrap loom!

4.  Tote Bag— Women use tote bags for everything – including shopping -so that is why these are so popular.  They will last a lifetime and think of the savings to our environment!  Handmade and hand woven on foot pedal looms.

3.  Purse— Now you know you need a new purse every few months but why buy one made in a sweatshop or one made of plastic??  These are made of fabric hand-woven on backstrap looms and then made at home by the artisan who is earning Fair Trade wages for her work.  Check out all our purses and totes!

2.  Shawl—  Shawls are so popular now and you will see them in all fabric weights.  We have several styles but the most popular is this soft cotton shawl that is such a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. Our artisan group, Mujeres Artesanas Ajbatz’ Bal’ hand weaves these on backstrap looms out of the softest cotton yarns.  We will have more colors available by summer.

1. Poncho — Our ponchos have proven to be popular with the college crowd. Girls love to wear a soft snuggly poncho to keep warm when walking around the campus.ab916


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  1. ISNA Says:

    great ideas! thanks for sharing

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