Following Fair Trade Principals

Fair Trade is a blessing to artisans around the world, not just because a fair price is paid to the artisans but because their whole way of life is affected.  We help not only the artisan group but also their families, their communities and their environment.  How do we do this?

1. Education And More pays a non-poverty wage to the artisans.

2. We source the materials for the handcrafts in conjunction with the group from reliable companies — who represent fair labor and environmental practices.

3.  Give special help throughout the year — sewing supplies, school supplies, sewing machines, school books for public and private schools,  set up a fund for emergency medical or food expenses, new shoes to village children and much more.

4. Help the communites — children’s books to the schools, school supplies to entire schools, help with supplies and books to teachers.  We are planning on helping with a  reforestation project this summer.

5. Our women’s artisan groups have pride and dignity in their work as we help them with their businesses.  Grant applications and reports must be filled out in order to qualify for a grant which helps the entire group to have dignity in the business.

6.  Cultural practices are kept in mind when designing new products — We are constantly considering new designs to incorporate the backstrap loom and foot pedal loom.


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