Artisan Fair Trade Handcrafts

We have received many new Fair Trade weavings and artisan handcrafts from our women’s artisan groups in Guatemala and now have them on our website.  Check out the webpages and see all the new listings of Guatemala handcrafts!

Woven on a backstrap loom!
Woven on a backstrap loom!

We have beautiful new blue and cream stripe weavings from Mujeres Artesanas in San Juan La Laguna.  This is really a gorgeous design and available as a table runner, hot pads, napkins or coasters- soon we will have placemats available too. The Guatemalan artisans weave these on backstrap looms and it is incredible to see the skill of the weaver in these weavings.

Hand made baskets

Hand made baskets

These little artisan baskets are

made by the women’s artisan group in El Tablon- Mujeres Analizadoras.  They collect the reeds in the mountains and bring them home to dry before weaving

into a variety of baskets.  We have this basket available now and will have more varieties later in the year.  Use the baskets around the house as a bread basket, tortilla basket, candy dish, to hold keys, etc on the dresser or any number of other ways.  Fill with Fair Trade tea bags or other gifts for a unique Birthday gift basket.  Each basket comes with a handwoven cloth.

Beaded Keychains

Two of our most popular handcrafted beaded keychains are the angels and stars.  They are great little add-on gifts or cute to tie onto the package. Order several to keep on hand for a spur of the moment gift!   Our women’s artisan group near Solola, Guatemala makes our beautiful beaded jewelry and it is a way for them to help support their family.

Remember these are all Fair Trade handcrafts and every purchase gives a great benefit to the artisan and her family in Guatemala.  Education And More guarantees all items on our website are Fair Trade!


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