Mujeres Artesanias Receiving Grant

During our January trip to visit the artisan groups we presented the 2009 grant monies from Education And More.  Mujeres Artesanas T’z’aput received one of the grants and this video is their president, Vicenta, thanking Education And More for the grant.

Since most of the women speak only Kakchiquel, Vicenta spoke first in Kakchiquel and then in Spanish.  Kakchiquel is a Mayan language that is spoken in this area of Guatemala.

The women were so thankful to be receiving the grant they turn the afternoon into a fiesta with most of the women attending the festivities.   Most of their children were there because they were receiving school supplies from the organization, AUDA Guatemala.

These women are hard workers and we will have more of their work on our website soon.  They will be weaving fabric for us to be used to make purses, totes, etc.   Education And More works with the Artisan Groups using Fair Trade practices so that the women and their families receive the most benefit from their work— fair wages plus a lot more for their families and communities


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