Today I just gave in and spent the day relaxing, going for walks and seeing friends. I am one to have my days planned out and expecting things to happen in that order but after 3 or 4 days in Guatemala I am forced to change my ways a little –hence a day of relaxing.

San Juan La Laguna is a relaxing village but a little to laid back when I am trying to get meetings scheduled and work done.  But all will happen in God’s time or it didn’t need to be.  So I have meetings scheduled for the next two days and have taken the day to enjoy the village and use the internet.

Tonight I went with a friend to her church and the services were bi-lingual—both Spanish and Tz’utujil. Hyms were sung in Spanish and this was the first time I have sung ‘How Great Thou Art’ in Spanish. The church is trying to refurbish as funds are available and in this visit I see they have the walls all newly painted. The floor is still dirt but I am sure it will change someday.

Today turned out to be very productive and relaxing in ways other than by my schedule. I believe sometimes the Lord prepares a path for us and we don’t realize it–while we are trying to keep to our schedules! Tomorrow the meetings will take place and the work will get done.


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