Solola Market Day

Today we took time to visit the local market in Solola — a true contradiction to the high rises and modern stores in Guatemala City.  The local Mayans from the rural areas around Solola come to market  either to buy or sell goods– everything from tables of fresh meat, veggies and fruit to all types of housewares and clothes to new baby chickens, pigs and more.  Everything is set up in the streets around the central plaza and is a scene of mass confusion to visitors.  To make your way through the throngs of people it is best to follow close behind a local, hang tight to your purse or bags and keep moving.  The Solola market is similar to markets around the world and  I think of it as a large mall where you go to buy your weekly goods and meet and visit with friends and neighbors. Like years ago when farmers all came into town on Saturday to do their shopping.

Most women dress in the traditional Mayan clothes of a corte and huipil — beautifully woven and bright and colorful. Typically, older men still wear traditional dress of heavily embroidered white pants and a colorfully patterned woven shirt.  Many younger men wear jeans and tshirts. The very poor men don’t wear the traditional Mayan dress because of the cost.  They usually obtain used clothing which often comes from relief organizations.

We’ll have many photos on the blog soon.  This was such a fascinating display of sight, sounds and smells and had more people than many markets I have visited!


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