Fair Trade Bazaars

Education And More would like to thank Our Savior’s Lutheran Church for a fantastic Fair Trade bazaar of our Guatemalan Handcrafts!  Thanks for helping all the artisans!

Every handcrafted artisan product that we sell has so many benefits for the impoverished in Guatemala — an income to help the family with food, education and health care are just a few of the ways.  The costs in Guatemala for food have risen dramatically in the last few months and it is increasingly difficult for families to feed their children.

It is easy to have a small bazaar at your church — just get the okay and set up a table in the entryway after or before services and promote and sell the handcrafts.  When people realize that the profits are totally returned to Guatemala they are glad to purchase a few Christmas gifts!  Or have a larger bazaar in the fellowship hall and ask a few friends to help you.

Email us for more information at :  moreinfo@educationandmore.org

We will send a preselected assortment of beautiful handcrafts  and after the sale you return what you haven’t sold  and send a check for what is sold.  How easy is that!  And what a great benefit to women and children in Guatemala!

Email us today!


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