Our Fair Trade Mission

The mission of Education And More is contained in our  tagline “Educating Children and Reducing Poverty in Guatemala.” A very simple mission statement that tells our passion!

It tells that education is a priority for the organization, but what is the  ………..”And More” part of the name?    “And More” is our Fair Trade  mission of helping women’s artisan groups through Fair Trade Principals.

Education is so very important for every child in order to help them reach their full potential. In Guatemala obtaining an education might mean going to school only thru 6th grade, but what a difference that can make to a child. To learn to speak Spanish, read and write in Spanish, to learn basic mathematics, to learn about the world outside of their village opens a world of possibilities to them.

Every one volunteering with Education And More feels a passion to help educate children but we also have a passion to Fair Trade which allows the women to lift themselves out of poverty.

Education And More is education for the children and………….

  1. more fair wages for the women artisans
  2. more dignity in their work
  3. more food for the family
  4. more income for the family
  5. more education for the entire family
  6. more help so they are able to raise themselves out of poverty
  7. more access to health care

Learn more about Fair trade in our other blog posts.  Fair Trade is what gives so much more to the women and their families!



One Response to “Our Fair Trade Mission”

  1. globalfayre Says:

    Sounds like a great project!

    Global Fayre is a Fair Trade retailer in Springfield, MO. We would be interested in retailing some of your products – maybe you could send some information through.


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