The Poverty……….

I recently gave a presentation and spoke to a church women’s luncheon about Guatemala and the work of Education And More in Guatemala. The women had so many questions and were very interested in learning about the people, their daily lives, and the poverty.

Receiving new shoes from Education And More

Receiving new shoes from Education And More

When we in the U.S. think of poverty it is difficult to envision the type of  poverty prevalent in rural mountain areas of Guatemala. I believe many here think of ‘being poor’ as not being able to buy a house, computer or flat screen television; driving a 10 year old car; being on welfare, etc.  But in rural areas of Guatemala most don’t own a home or computer or car and may have saved for several years to buy a television if they have electricity. There are no social services to help you out if you can’t find a job. No help if you can’t afford medical care. No help to get your children in school and pay school fees, uniforms or school supplies.

Most people I’ve encountered in Guatemala are hard workers and trying

Young girl in Rural Guatemala

to find enough work to take care of their families but there simply aren’t enough jobs— any type of job or work. Many are trying to survive on $2 – $3 a day.

When I give talks or presentations the groups usually are surprised at the differences in the realities of the poor. How do you envision the poor in other countries?  Do you think about them in the hurry scurry of your daily life?

In Matthew 22:37  Jesus tells us that the first and greatest commandment of all is to love the Lord God and the second is to love your neighbor as your self. In the busyness of our lives let us remember the words of our Lord as we love and help our neighbors.


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