There Are Schools and Then There Are Schools

What does your children’s school look like? Is it one large building or several buildings forming a campus? Are there soccer and other sports fields, swimming pools, libraries and lunch rooms?

Many schools in the rural areas of Guatemala might have only a few classrooms and be constructed of adobe bricks. Sometimes it is made of used lumber and leftover pieces of tin. Often they are unable to keep the roof from leaking during the rainy season. Of course not all schools are like this but all are lacking the necessities for a quality education — like having enough or any textbooks for the children, sports equipment for P.E., teacher resources that help provide a quality education. In today’s world computers are necessary for the children and most rural schools have none.

Education And More is helping Nuevo Amanecer Christian School finish up the second level of their new classrooms so they can move all classes out of the original adobe school. We are also helping to furnish the classrooms with teacher desks and bookshelves. We are helping to furnish the San Antonio Palopo school with children’s books so they can have a library–for the children to choose books to read. San Antonio is also in need of textbooks for the classes and we will be initiating a program to help.

Can your children attend school if you can’t afford to buy pencils and paper for them? Most children in Guatemala can’t go to school if their parents can’t afford to buy the basic school supplies. Why? There are no government or social services to help provide the supplies. San Antonio is a very poor village so in our January mission trip we will be taking donated school supplies and purchasing more supplies when we are in Guatemala to help outfit as many children as possible for the start of the new school year.

If you are interested in seeing the schools and learning more about Guatemala check out the Educational Mission Trip to Guatemala with Education And More.

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