Educating Children

More and more families are needing help to send their children to school due to rising costs of everyday living but especially the rising cost of food. Nearly every week we read of the crisis getting worse in Central America and especially in a country like Guatemala that already has so much malnutrition and poverty.

On our next trip to visit the schools we will be furnishing as many of the poorer students as possible with school supplies. Many of these students often don’t attend school because they don’t have a pencil or paper. We will be purchasing school supplies in Guatemala and distributing them but need your help with donations.

Can you donate $50 towards this project to help keep a child in school? If so, please send a check or go to our website and click on the donate link to donate with a credit card. Our address to mail a check is: P.O. Box 201, Burlingame, KS 66413

Education And More has a new video that our readers are welcome to share across the web and thru email. It shows children of Guatemala — many of whom we help  receive an education by supplying the everyday school supplies.


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