A Rude Tourist

Recently I read of an incident in Guatemala where one tourist witnessed another tourists very rude and obnoxious behavior to the locals. I don’t know the circumstances surrounding this rude behavior but it is difficult to understand someone visiting another country and then acting badly to the people of that country. When we visit another country we are guests in the country much the same as when we visit another person’s home we are guests in that home. We should act like a guest!

Have you seen tourists demanding this or that at a hotel or restaurant or being condescending to the employees? Have you heard a tourist talking about the local people not realizing that the local may speak both languages? Have you seen this happen with tourists in your own country? I realize that some of this behavior may be that tourist’s normal behavior but I cringe when I think that some tourists think of themselves superior.

The next time we are visiting another country lets stop and remember to act like guests and put our behavior to the test.


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