Each And Every One

This spring trip to view projects, visit schools and visit women’s groups has been very rewarding though exhausting.  We are very pleased with the progress we are making in helping children obtain an education.  Our first and foremost mission is to help children attend school and graduate at whatever level they are able to attain– 6th grade or Basisco or Prepatoria or Universidad.

Through the help of many donors we were able to deliver new Spanish language childrens books to schools to help them begin their school library; give much needed school supplies and teacher resources to three schools; give Sunday School supplies to a local Pana church for their ministry; give brand new children’s shoes to some very poor street children; and help in furnishing teacher desks and book shelves to Colegio Cristiano Nuevo Amanecer.

Our purchases of jewelry and handcrafts from the women’s groups has helped all the women to support their families and educate their children and as we sell it our profits will be reinvested into the schools and schoolchildren.  We will have all our new handcrafts online in a couple of weeks.

This trip we introduced the concept of fair trade (a fair daily wage) to one new women’s group and it will take some time to work out details so they understand the principals and details involved.  They are glad to be able to earn a fair daily wage because what we aren’t able to buy they will take to a wholesaler in Pana or try to sell in a local market.  Neither of these options give them a fair daily wage.

At times this seems like such a tiny drop in an ocean of need but then I remember the story of the starfish.  It makes a big difference to each and every one– each person and child we are able to help.  We have a lot of new plans and projects coming so watch our website and this blog in the coming weeks.

The genuine love and friendship that we receive when we are here in Guatemala motivates us to heed God’s call to help and do even more.  I keep remembering 1John 3:17 “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him.”

Let us continue to help as we are being led.


2 Responses to “Each And Every One”

  1. amayala Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I am currently working in a Christian American International school in Panama, so your work is very much interesting to me. Keep up the good work! It blesses me to hear of a Christian especially caring about poverty and the forgotten populations of the world. It is a topic about which I have felt particularly convicted lately.

  2. educationandmore Says:

    Thanks for your comments! Our organization is first and foremost a Christian charitable organization and our hearts are with the marginalized women and children in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala. Blessings to you on your work too!

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