Our Bounty

A recent devotional I read about the ‘fat and the lean’ (Ezekial 34:17-23) came clearly to mind during this trip to Guatemala.  Are those of us with the world´s bounty remembering and caring for the ‘lean’ of the world.  In our bounty are we growing ‘fat’ in squandering the worlds resources and forgetting our neighbors?

The stark reality of the differences between the U.S. and Guatemala– the over consumption and the minimal consumption;  the massive ‘human footprint’ we have in the U.S. and the small footprint here in Guatemala shows me I need to remember the ‘lean’ of this world.  In the past I could take my lifestyle for granted almost like it was my right, but since traveling so often to the country of Guatemala I can no longer think in those terms. 

The differences between the two countries stand out in my mind because of common everday occurances: running a half full dishwasher vs. using a bucket of cold water from the outdoor spigot; throwing away leftovers because you have so many choices you can´t eat all the food in your refridgerator vs. eating only tortillas for supper because you have no money for anything else, or on a lark, driving to the city 75 miles away just to go shopping vs. never leaving your village to go to the city because you can´t afford the $2 bus ride.

We may not be able to make a difference on a grand scale but if we keep in mind the ‘lean’ of the world and make changes in our daily lives and communities we can make a big impact in developing countries by helping Christian organizations like  Education And More who are helping the ‘lean.’

More updates soon from this beautiful country of Guatemala and all of its contrasts.


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