The Impact Of A Bargain

“The bargain you received was only made possible because of the low wages paid to the producer of that product.” We usually don’t think of these words when we are so delighted at finding a bargain on something that we want. We all are pleased at finding an item at a low price— a steal, a real deal— but what is the impact?

When a worker does not receive a fair daily wage for the work then often the children must stay home from school to help earn enough money to support the family.

If a family must choose which child they can afford to educate it is usually the boys that are sent to school. The girls are kept at home to help the parents.

When a mother must choose what food to buy many times the only thing she can afford is masa for tortillas which is not enough to sustain a child let alone an adult.

The producer artisans are trapped in a cycle of poverty — needing to work and sell their products but not able to sell for a price that gives them enough for food and shelter.

All of the artisan handcrafts on the Education And More website are purchased under guidelines of a fair daily wage for the artisan — you can be assured that when we purchase handcrafts we are not thinking of our profits but are thinking of the benefit to the artisan. Our mission is directed towards helping the families educate their children! We have had such great sales that at the moment we are awaiting shipments of more handcrafts. Please check the website later for new handcrafts!


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