Computers Needed!

Laptop computers are needed– in the schools and by students in Guatemala to help them keep current with new technology. Even though many schools are unable to connect to the internet, the laptop is still a great teaching and learning tool. New or used laptops are accepted and are checked out and refurbished as needed before being taken to Guatemala.

Maria Cristiana, a Tz’utujil Mayan, Maria Cristina is trying to finish college and is really in need of a laptop computer either used or new. She is the first in her family to go to school and then continue on to university. Her parents are able to pay for Saturday classes only and she must catch a bus at 4a.m. each Saturday morning for a 3 hour bus trip; go to school all day and return by bus that night. She has been doing this for 3 years and has another 3 years before she graduates. She is studying to be a social worker and wants to stay and work in her village and is especially interested in working in the area of women’s discrimination. When she graduates her parents hope to be able to send the next child to university because they can only afford to send one at a time.

Please help students like Maria Cristina obtain a computer by making a donation to our computer fund or donating a used computer to Education And More. There is more information at our website about our need for computers for the village schools — Computers for Schools


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