How Green Are Your Gifts?

The new buzz words ‘go green’ are being applied to so many facets of our daily lives— ways to help reduce our negative impact on our world. From using non chemical household cleaners, changing out light-bulbs, eating locally grown and organic food, recycling and re-using, etc, it is not too difficult to change some of our ways to help protect our environment.

But, have you tied your going green to your gift giving purchases?

If you are trying to do your part in helping, then visit our website and connect your gift giving with your green lifestyle by choosing gifts made of all natural cotton. We have shawls table runners, sofa throws, tortilla wraps, tablecloths, totes and purses. Shopping BagReplace those tablecloths that were manufactured on big machines, perhaps in a sweatshop, with a tablecloth made by a Mayan woman who receives a fair daily wage for her work.

Many of our artisan weavings are made of all natural cotton yarns that have been dyed with natural plant dyes. Making the dyes and dyeing the yarns by hand, they use plants and natural products such as: coconut shells for a brown dye, carrots for an orange color, and many other indigenous plants of the western highlands such as chilca, palo de incino, achote,cochinia and chipilin are used.natural tints

All of our weavings are made by hand in Guatemala and purchased using fair trade guidelines to not only help the women’s groups but also help our environment. So when you are purchasing gifts remember to check out Education And More.


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