Visiting Schools in Guatemala

During my January trip to Guatemala, volunteers and I visited schools that Education And More is working with to help educate the children.  tl-recd-suppliesr.jpgWe visited Tierra Linda Primary School, Colegio Cristiano Nuevo Amanecer and a primary school in Solola.  At Tierra Linda we delivered about 200 cute tote bags of school supplies to the students and many of the little ones just shrieked with joy!  Tierra Linda studentThese schools supplies were donated by schoolchildren, Sunday School children and others here in the United States  and they really made an impact of the students in Tierra Linda.  A new school year is just starting in Guatemala so it was a great blessing to watch the children open their bags of  supplies since so many of them have next to nothing for school.  A nice large canvas tote bag  full of supplies was also given to each teacher.

tlsupplies-r.jpgEducation And More, Paso Por Paso, a Canadian nonprofit,   and Mayan Families, a local Guatemalan nonprofit, also delivered school supplies donated by Mayan Families to a very poor school in Solola. Paso Por Paso is in Guatemala for 2 months working on their projects at Tierra Linda and in Panajachel.

I spent a lot of time in San Juan La Laguna meeting with the director of the Christian school, Colegio Cristian Nuevo Amanecer.  All the teachers at this school were presented with a large messenger bag filled with much needed teacher resources and supplies.  We met up with other volunteers in San Juan who brought more school supplies to us so we were able to really fill up the teacher bags!

nuevo-amanecer-signr.jpgNuevo Amanecer is in need of teacher desks for the new Basico (middle school) classrooms, a bookshelf for each classroom and need some computers for the children to learn on.  Please consider donating!

They hope to have the second level of the school finished this year so that all classes can be moved out of the old original mud brick structure.  Hopefully enough donations will be received to finish this soon! 

If you would like to donate to help Nuevo Amanecer– go to our homepage — Education And More and click on the link Donate. All donations are fully deductible according to IRS code. Please mark you donation for:

  1.  teacher desk
  2.  classroom bookshelves
  3.  2nd level classroom construction

Please also consider donating your used laptops when you purchase a new one.  The school is really in need of computers so please pass this on to all your friends and lets see how many computers we can locate! All help is really appreciated by this school! 





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  1. emily Says:

    that was so nice of them to do that

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