School To School Connection

We speak to many students about Guatemalan schools and school children and it continues to amaze me how interested they are in children in another country.  They want to know about how the kids live, what they do in summer, what they eat, what do they wear, do play games, do they have computers and the questions go on and on!schoolgirl from Guatemala

We often speak to classes during social studies class and it is a great tie-in when the students study another country and culture and learn first hand about Guatemalan schools.  We help the children hear, feel, touch and see what it is like in Guatemala because we take lots of pictures of the schools, the children and their families and plenty of the indigenous crafts. 

Schoolchildren making a connection to schoolchildren in another country makes them aware of the tremendous advantages they have in this country.  That knowledge gives them the desire to help the children in Guatemala and they are eager to collect school supplies and backpacks, used laptop computers or send pen-pal letters to the students in Guatemala.

A further school to school connection is our fundraising kits that allow schools in the U.S. to sell Guatemalan crafts and raise dollars for their school organizations which in turn helps us to help the schools and schoolchildren in Guatemala!  Beaded bracelet The fundraising kits consist of  jewelry that is crafted by a women’s group in San Jorge, one of the villages we are helping.  We work in partnership with the women using fair trade guidelines when we purchase the jewelry. (See other posts in this blog about fair trade.)  Paying a fair wage to the artisan is important so that the women can help support their families.  For further information on the fundraising kits please contact Education And More.

A school to school connection is a great way for children around the world to learn about each other!


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