Children of the Western Highlands

The children…………..the children are like children every where — inquisitive, full of energy,  a little shy at times, with infectious grins and a thousand questions.  So why do the children of the western highlands of Guatemala capture my heart and draw me back to them?  Why do I feel such a nudge to help these little ones in getting an education. They want to go to school but they don’t ask me to help them or to buy things for them, they just seem glad I am there.  I think of the children all the time, I see their faces in my daily life and have this  desire to help them–  to give them a way out of poverty.  The children are the helpless victims of poverty but education is key  to changing that.

Children are the hope for a better tomorrow in the western highlands.  See them………..boy from Tierra Linda


going to school ……….Girl at desk


learning and learning and learning

Morning snack at schoolHaving nutritious morning snack at school so they can learn.

When I think of these little ones it makes me ask myself — what more can I do—– what more can I share.  Mark 9:37  Whoever receives one of these little children………………


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